Cubital tunnel syndrome : diagnosis, management and rehabilitation / John R. Fowler, editor.
Cubital tunnel syndrome : diagnosis, management and rehabilitation / John R. Fowler, editor.
Medarbetare: Fowler, John R.,
Utgivningsår: [2019]
Språk: Engelska
Medietyp: E-bok
Förlag: Springer
Includes index.
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Cubital tunnel syndrome is the second most common compression neuropathy in the upper extremity. While the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome is relatively straightforward, there is much debate regarding the most efficient diagnostic methods, appropriate non-surgical management, and surgical management of cubital tunnel syndrome. This unique book is sensibly divided into three thematic sections. Part one reviews the relevant anatomy and presents the physical exam and diagnostic test modalities, along with non-surgical treatment strategies such as splinting and injections as well as the role of physical therapy. Surgical treatment strategies are discussed in detail in part two, including decompression, anterior transposition, minimal medial epicondyectomy and ulnar motor nerve transfer. Management of the failed release is highlighted here as well. Part three describes outcomes, acute and chronic complications and rehabilitation. Case material will be included where appropriate to provide real-world illustration of the presentations and procedures discussed. Practical yet comprehensive, Cubital Tunnel Syndrome will be an excellent resource for orthopedic, hand and plastic surgeons, trainees and residents, with content that will also be useful for physical therapists and rehabilitation specialists.
Intro; Preface; Acknowledgments; Contents; Contributors; Part I: Diagnosis; Chapter 1: Anatomy of the Ulnar Nerve and Cubital Tunnel; Introduction; Central Nervous System; Nerve Roots and Brachial Plexus; Upper Arm to Cubital Tunnel; Cubital Tunnel; Forearm; Guyon's Canal, Wrist, and Hand; Internal Anatomy of the Ulnar Nerve; Conclusion; References; Chapter 2: Cubital Tunnel: History and Physical Examination; History; Physical Examination; References; Chapter 3: Cubital Tunnel Syndrome: Evaluation and Diagnosis; History and Physical Exam; History; Physical Examination
Diagnostic Testing: ElectrodiagnosticsNerve Conduction Studies; Ulnar Motor Study Technique; Segmental Studies; Upper Extremity Anomaly Studies; F-Wave Studies; Data Analysis; Ulnar Sensory Studies; Data Analysis; Other Sensory Studies; Axonal Versus Demyelinating Lesions; Electromyography; Testing Approach; Reporting Data; Repeating the Electrodiagnostic Testing Study; References; Chapter 4: Diagnostic Testing: Alternative Modalities; Introduction; Electrodiagnostic Studies; Alternative Imaging Modalities; Summary; References; Chapter 5: Cubital Tunnel: Nonsurgical Management; Background
Activity ModificationSplinting; Injections; Conclusion; References; Chapter 6: Nonsurgical Management: The Role of Therapy; Treatment; Modalities; Techniques; Strengthening; Return to Sport; Outcome Studies; Summary; References; Part II: Surgical Treatment; Chapter 7: Simple Decompression (In Situ and Endoscopic); Historical Background; Relevant Surgical Anatomy; Indications; In Situ Decompression; Endoscopic Decompression; Complications; References; Chapter 8: Anterior Transposition in Cubital Tunnel Syndrome; Introduction; Anterior Transposition Versus In Situ Decompression; Indications
Anterior Subcutaneous TranspositionTechnique, Tips, and Pitfalls; Outcomes; Intramuscular and Submuscular Transposition; Technique, Tips, and Pitfalls; Outcomes; Summary; References; Chapter 9: Minimal Medial Epicondylectomy; Introduction; Indications; Surgical Technique; Complications; Outcomes; References; Chapter 10: Anterior Interosseous Nerve to Ulnar Nerve Transfer; Introduction/Background; Technique; Outcomes; When to Add a SETS Transfer for Severe Cubital Tunnel Syndrome?; Conclusions; References; Chapter 11: Management of the "Failed" Cubital Tunnel Release; Introduction
Causes of FailureEvaluation of the Failed Cubital Tunnel Release; Indications for Revision Cubital Tunnel Release; Treatment Options for Revision Cubital Tunnel Release; Outcomes of Revision Cubital Tunnel Release; Treatment Algorithms for the "Failed" Cubital Tunnel Release; Treatment Algorithms; References; Part III: Postoperative Care; Chapter 12: Cubital Tunnel Rehabilitation; Evaluation; Orthoses; Acute Postsurgical Treatment; Recovery of Function; Nerve Glides; Role of Electrical Stimulation and Thermal Modalities; Summary; References

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