Physician's field guide to neuropsychology : collaboration through case example / Karen M. Sanders, editor.
Physician's field guide to neuropsychology : collaboration through case example / Karen M. Sanders, editor.
Medarbetare: Sanders, Karen M.,
Utgivningsår: [2019]
Språk: Engelska
Medietyp: Bok
Klassifikation: 2019 F-983 ; WM 204
Förlag: Springer
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This unique volume teaches those in the medical fields about the scientific value of neuropsychology in assessing cognition, the 6th vital sign, as part of well integrated collaborative care. It offers physicians a comprehensive tour of the many dimensions neuropsychology can add to primary and specialized medical care across the lifespan. Noted experts examine cognitive ramifications of a wide range of medical, psychological, and neuropsychological conditions, among them brain tumors, stroke, epilepsy, pediatric and adult TBI, schizophrenia, and adult ADHD. The books generous selection of case examples demonstrates the benefits of cognitive assessment in building accurate diagnoses, better understanding of patient needs, and more appropriate treatment and management strategies, as well as other neuropsychologist roles in consulting, referral, and forensic areas. In addition, tables, callout boxes, review questions, and other features are included throughout the text for ease in comprehension and retention. A sampling of the coverage: · The value of neuropsychological evaluation in medical practice. · A model of collaboration between primary care and neuropsychology. · Neuropsychological assessment of extremely preterm children. · Alzheimers Disease and overview of dementia. · Deep brain stimulation for Parkinsons Disease. · Neuropsychology in the 21st century: the rise of multicultural assessment. · Neuropsychological interventions for individuals with brain injury. The Physicians Field Guide to Neuropsychology is both a rigorous and an accessible reference for clinicians in diverse disciplines including general practice, family medicine, neuropsychology, pediatrics, gerontology, and sports medicine.
Introduction -- The Distinct Worlds of Neuropsychology and Medicine. -The world of the neuropsychologist: origins in norm-referenced testing.-The world of the medical practitioner: origins in Bayesian model -- Existing models of collaboration -- The difference between neuropsychological testing, cognitive screens, and neuroradiological exams -- The current debates in assessment: issues concerning evidenced-based testing, cognitive screens, computer-based cognitive tests, and standard neuropsychological testing -- Symptom validity in neuropsychological and medical settings -- Case Examples -- Pediatrics: Neuroimaging. -- Pediatrics: Epilepsy. -Mild Cognitive Impairment vs. Alzheimers Disease. -Frontotemporal Dementia -- Vascular Dementia -- Middle Cerebral Artery Stroke -- Aneurysms: Ruptured and Unruptured. -- Cardiovascular: Hypoxia. -Cardiovascular Surgery Outcomes. -Parkinsons Disease -- Parkinsons Plus Disorders -- Huntingtons Disease -- Lewy Body Dementia. -Traumatic Brain Injury: Sports Concussion. -Pediatric Brain Injury. -Cancer and Chemotherapy Outcomes -- Adult Epilepsy -- Multiple Sclerosis -- Psychiatric: Schizophrenia -- Neuroimaging and Biomarkers -- Surgery: Pre- and Post-Neurological Testing.-Related Issues in Collaboration: Specialties and Essential Considerations -- Multicultural Considerations. -Learning Disorders -- Forensic and Medicolegal Issues -- Medical Rehabilitation.-Vocational Issues. -Psychotherapy and Neuropsychotherapy -- Neuropsychological Feedback.-Family Needs and Involvement. -Appendix. -References.

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